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The Sumo suits will be the hit of your next party. Planet Entertainment will recreate an authentic Japanese Sumo fight at your next event. You get more then just front row seats! You take part in the sumo action!

Rules of the Game

The rules of Sumo are very simple. A rikishi(a sumo wrestler) can not have any part of his body except his feet touch the dohyo(the wrestling ring), and must not be pushed or wrestled out of the ring. In the middle of the ring, there are two white lines called shikirisen. The shikirisen are positioned so the rikishi face each other.

The judge gives the signal for the fight to begin. Both fighters crouch down, and glare at each other, hoping to intimidate and break their opponent’s focus. This glaring can go one for up to four minutes. When their hands touch the shikirisen, they can charge. This first charge is called the tachi-ai and is crucial to who wins the fight.

The rikishi can use any maneuvers to push their opponent to the floor or out of the ring. However, it is forbidden to bite, pull hair, hit with a closed fist, choke, or grab the mawashi in the crotch area.

A sumo wrestler’s rank depends on the number of matches he wins. Even a grand champion can lose his place if his losses outnumber his wins.

Some Sumo terms

  • ashi-tori - grabbing the opponents leg to bring him down

  • banzuke - the official tournament ranking list

  • basho - a tournament

  • dohyo - the wrestling ring, a circle

  • dohyo-iri - the rituals at the beginning of a match

  • gyoji - name for the referee

  • hataki-komi - a quick side step and push

  • ketaguri - pulling the opponent's legs

  • mawashi - the silk belt of a wrestler

  • ozumo - wrestling

  • rikishi - wrestlers

  • sumotori - the same as rikishi

  • yokozuna - the highest rank for a wrestlers

  • yorikiri - grabbing the opponent at his belt

Space required - 6m x 6m. No power required.

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