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sports rader
Golf Speed Cage
Radar Gun
Soccer Shootout Radar
Golf Radar
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Soccer Shootout Radar: "How fast are you going now" Test your speed. Kick the soccer ball into our themed sports cage and the radar gun will give you the top speed of your kick.Kick a goal on the themed backdrop.

Golf Radar: Our radar gun will give you the speed the ball leaves the club head & the distance the ball would travel. See if you can hit the ball onto the themed backdrop green.

Radar Gun: Hire our Radar Gun, great for accurate speed measuring. Test the speed a baseball player pitches the ball or cricket players bowling speed. Great to test the speed of virtually anything. Big LED display for crowd participation.

Space required 6m x 5m x 5.5 (h) Power required 2 x 240v outlets rated to 3kva each.

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